Finndent X is a collaboration series, currently with two well-known Finnish brands, Artek and Genelec. Our intention is to provide our clients and their clinics with some of the best designs from Finland, high-tech audio equipment from Genelec and quality design furniture from Artek.

We believe that the functionality of an ideal dental clinic space extends beyond the medical equipment to the surrounding interior design, where sound and objects play an important role. Contact your local distributor to find out more about a custom audio plan and setup for your clinic. Alternatively, discover how to decorate your daily working environment with timeless Nordic design classics.

Finndent X Genelec
Premium audio experience, tailored to your clinic space.
  • Genelec is a Finnish company founded in 1978.
  • Genelec offers first class products and services in professional audio monitoring, with the mission of creating the best possible audio reproduction for each specific space.
  • Their products can be found from a variety of spaces, from music studios, theatres, offices and galleries to event spaces and educational institutions.
  •  Just as Finndent’s dental units, the audio equipment of Genelec is designed to meet the needs of professionals.
  • The audio experience of a dental clinic influences both the patient and the dentist.
  • The best time to consider the audio setup of a clinic is during the planning. By providing a floorplan of the clinic, Genelec will suggest an audio plan specifically designed for that space. Genelec has audio agents all around Europe, who will take care of the installation.
Finndent X Artek

Furniture that combine functionality with beauty.

  •  Artek is a Finnish design company founded in 1953. Its founders include the famous architects Alvar and Aino Aalto.
  • Artek is one of the most iconic brands in modern Nordic design, creating minimalistic furniture, lighting and accessories that combine functionality with poetic simplicity.
  • Quality furniture create an impression of professionalism and trust.
  • Artek furniture share the same design philosophy than the Finndent dental unit, functional beauty that is made to last.
  • The design collections can be found from Artek’s website and ordered through a local distributor.

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