The dental unit that will last the entire career of a dentist.

The new Q

We proudly present the new Q-product family. Years of research and development have led us to create an impressive modular dental unit system that combines beautifully sculpted products with the most advanced technology.

In addition, our company has taken remarkable actions to fight climate change with the future goal of making the Q-unit the first carbon neutral dental unit in the world.

The Q-units are designed and manufactured to last the entire career of a dental professional: not only is the unit made of long-lasting full metal parts, but the modular design allows the unit to be updated with the newest technology for years after installation.

At the moment the Q-product family consists of three models: Q2, Q8 and Q10. Every unit that we sell is tailor-made according to our clients’ specific needs, and assembled by hand to ensure the highest possible quality.

We believe that the Q-unit is the dental unit of the future: modular, adaptable and updatable, with a minimalistic design that remains timeless through out the years.

Watch animation to learn more about the Q-concept

Every Finndent unit is designed to stay up-to-date throughout its entire lifespan..

With the Q-family we wanted to create a dental unit that is modular, repairable and for the first time in the dental sector, upcycleable. The concept of the Q- family is to provide dynamic instruments that can be used throughout the career of a dental professional, and that continuously adapt and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Made in Finland

Fighting climate change is a crucial part of our company’s operating principles. Finndent is committed to take actions for a better future by converting to 100% renewable energy and aiming to become a fully carbon neutral company by 2025.

We are also constantly developing new business models based on circular economy principles: our new Q-units are designed to be modular, adaptable and updatable and therefore made to stay in use as long as possible. We want every Finndent unit to be unique and of best possible quality materials instead of a mass-produced object.

Finndent takes actions to fight climate change.


The Q2 unit is the perfect introduction to the Q-product family, offering solid quality and revolutionary new technology.

The Q2 adapts effortlessly to different dental clinic spaces: it can be installed as a regular floor unit or mounted up in the ceiling, making it fit smoothly even in a limited space. It is a high quality and trustworthy unit for a variety of basic dental treatments, especially suitable for orthodontics. The Q2 unit is the first model of the upcycling concept and can therefore be updated to a more advanced Q8 or Q10 model anytime.


The Q8 is a high performance dental unit with a compact design and infinite amount of customization options.

Every detail in this unit has been carefully designed to enable the most responsive workflow for demanding dentists. The iQ touch-screen display provides the maximum ease of use for both left- and right-handed dental professionals. As all the Q-units, the Q8 can be installed on the floor or on the ceiling, and updated to a more advanced model.


The Q10 unit is the top level, high performance dental unit and the current premium model of the Q-family.

The 7” iQ touchscreen display provides the maximum ease of use for both left- and right-handed dental professionals. The Q10 is the most adaptable and flexible dental unit available for any level of dentistry. As all the Q-units, the Q10 can be installed both on the floor or on the ceiling and updated later to a more advanced model.

Ceiling Unit

The ceiling installed dental unit is one of the most advanced solutions we are offering for our customers.

Mounting the dental unit in the ceiling does not only appear sophisticated and futuristic, but it automatically saves space leaving more room for actual treatment and comfortable working. The ceiling unit also has less surfaces to keep clean.


The Q-unit is made to be used by people of all sizes and shapes.

The Q-dental units have been designed with a user-centric design process in order to create a dental unit that is maximally easy, intuitive and comfortable to use, even during longer treatment sessions. Our patient chairs are made for the patient to sit as still as possible, making precise treatments easier. The instruments are placed to be effortlessly reachable. We believe that with careful attention to ergonomics your body will function better and your work will become more effective.

Interchangeable instruments

With quick connectors and exchangeable instruments you can use more than just five instruments on your unit.

The instrument bridge of the Q-unit is designed to have up to 5 instrument places with quick connectors. This smart technology allows you to change the places of the instruments without disruption, as the unit automatically recognizes the new configuration of tools. Specialized, less used instruments can be stored away, and when needed, connected back to the bridge instantaneously. They can also be shared between several units and rooms, which saves both money and space.

The instrument bridge can be customized to have both fixed instruments as well as instrument places with quick connectors. This type of advanced instrument integration allows you to reduce the amount of table top instrumentation and thereby declutter your dental work area. Your dental work station will stay clean, organized and professional. The Q-unit will take care of the rest.

True ambidexterity

It is common to have both right- and left-handed dentists working by the same dental units. Many of the Finndent configurations are ambidextrous by nature. However, we wanted our Q-unit to meet the ergonomic needs of dental professionals even better. With quick connectors, the whole set of instruments can easily be adapted to each dentist’s specific needs.

We provide minimalistic nordic design, high quality materials and customized solutions.

Nordic design is centered around functionality, resulting in beautiful, clean shapes, minimalistic silhouettes and the use of long-lasting, quality materials. Nordic design ideology produces objects that are wellmade, authentic and timeless by nature.

Material matters

A dental unit has to withstand years of rigorous clinical work as well as continuous application of strong disinfectants and solutions. It is therefore important that the unit is made out of durable, high quality materials. We have designed the whole Q-unit out of metal, to make the core of it as strong and durable as possible. This is essential for the unit to endure years of upcycling.

Customized for your needs

All Finndent’s units are customized to meet the specific needs and personal expectations of the dental professional operating them. Our goal is to offer our customers the freedom of choice when it comes to the features of their dental unit. Every unit that we produce is unique, built by order and assembled by hand to ensure the highest possible quality. We at Finndent focus on providing our customers with carefully designed and crafted solutions instead of mass-produced objects.

Timeless design

The Q-unit with its minimalistic design, rounded corners and practical size is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and looks inspiring as the centerpiece of a dental treatment room. Even if the Q-dental unit is primarily a medical apparatus, it is also a design object that adds its own aesthetic value to a dental clinic space.