FD8000 Product Family

The FD8000 product family is the result of 30 years of dental unit development, where proven and field-tested technology is combined with contemporary design. Intelligent electronics provide comfortable hands-free controls. The functional cuspidor and efficient hygiene system make cleaning and maintenance a pleasant task. Innovations for practical use include pneumatic brakes in the instrument arm, highly functional control panel, support for a wide variety of instruments to suit your preference. The FD8000 is designed for decades of excellent service.

FD8000 Floor Units


The 8000B1+ allows more versatility and exclusive options for discerning dentists. The elegantly redesigned 6-place instrument bridge is made of brushed aluminum. The instrument bridge also features first-class balanced whip-arms with next generation ergonomics, posing minimal strain to the body with the maximum range of movement.

The 8000B1+ comes with a contemporary glass cuspidor and telescopic suction arm with new 3+assistant side control panel for total cuspidor and patient chair control. Optional rotating cuspidor and automated cleaning system meet the standards of a high-end clinic. This robust unit can also be equipped with a monitor, X-ray and even a Zeiss microscope.


The newest member of the Finndent 8000-product family is the 8000B1X. The 8000B1X bridge is an evolution of the FD8000B1+ bridge and comes with a double display. The second display is located on the assistant’s side, and it has the same functionalities and options as the main one.

The 8000B1X can also be equipped with up to 5 instruments and features first-class balanced whip-arms with next generation ergonomics, posing minimal strain to the body with the maximum range of movement. These features make the dental work easier and more comfortable. Despite the improved design and additional display, the practical size of the instrument bridge has remained the same.


The FD8000B2-units are equipped with hanging hoses and large instrument trays. The 8000B2 is connected to the power supply directly underneath the dental unit body and its operating light is connected to the body of the unit with an additional arm. Optional rotating cuspidor and automated cleaning system meet the standards of a high-end clinic. This trustworthy unit can also be equipped with a monitor, X-ray and a Zeiss microscope.


The FD8000KFO is a compact unit ideally suited for orthodontics. It is equipped with 3 instrument places and two suction hoses. All features, including the unit, the operating lamp, the cuspidor and up to two trays can be mounted on the dental chair, leaving plenty of floor space for working.

Floor Unit Quality 

Maintenance activities of the FD8000 floor unit have been made easy by the large, sliding door of the unit body that provides full access to the connections and systems within. All Finndent units and chairs are designed to make regular cleaning, maintenance, and servicing of all parts convenient. The 8000 series hygiene features guarantee uncompromising patient and user safety. 

Finndent dental units are made of solid corrosion resistant metal parts with brushed aluminium trim. The powder-coated surfaces are designed to last in harsh environments and are resistant to disinfectants. The smooth bearings allow for fine motion control and maneuverability with one hand. A pneumatic brake locks the bridge firmly in the desired position throughout instrument use and is built to carry the added weight of tools. 

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