Floor units

Finndent products are engineered with attention to ergonomics and efficient patient care. We offer versatile solutions to meet your dental clinic needs.

8000B floor units are known for reliability and style. The possibilities are endless, with several options for suction, cuspidor, amalgam separator, control panel and assistant side features. The smooth surfaces are hygienic and withstand years of harsh disinfectant. Regular maintenance is made easy with large sliding access door.

The 8000B1 is a floor-mounted dental unit with a connected instrument arm and supply connections underneath the unit body. The instrument tubing is run through low-friction doorio whip arms. There may be one or two control panels on the side of the instrument bridge to control the instruments and the chair. The dental light is connected to the unit body with an additional light column. An optional monitor arm is available for this column. Several cuspidor and suction arm models available for FD-8000B1 model.

8000B1+ are units for dentists who demand a little extra! Units are available with up to 6 instruments, a rotating cuspidor and extra cleaning functions.

8000B1x units have a second display located on the assistant side. The 2 displays have the same functionalities and options.  8000B1x can be equipped with up to 5 instruments.

8000B2 units are equipped with the hanging hoses and big instrument tray.

Infection control and guaranteed fresh water have always been at the core of our product technology. The modern automatic suction disinfection system is designed to thoroughly remove all built-up bacteria and biofilm from the suction tubes. Waterline rinse functions allow for infection control and removal of minerals in the water system.  The safe patient experience is completed with critical parts of the exterior that can be removed for sterilization, or easily wiped between patients.

Maintenance activities are made easier by the large, sliding door of the unit body that provides full access to the connections and systems within. All Finndent units and chairs are designed to make regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing of all parts convenient. The 8000 series hygiene features guarantee uncompromising patient and user safety.

Finndent dental units are made of solid corrosion resistant metal parts with brushed aluminium trim. The powder-coated surfaces are designed to last in harsh environments and are resistant to disinfectants.  The smooth bearings allow for fine motion control and manoeuvrability with one hand. A pneumatic brake locks the bridge firmly in the desired position throughout instrument use and is built to carry the added weight of tools.

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