FD8000 Ceiling Units

The ceiling installed dental unit is one of the most advanced solutions we are offering for our customers. Mounting the dental unit in the ceiling does not only appear sophisticated and futuristic, but it automatically saves space leaving more room for actual treatment and comfortable working. It also has less surfaces to keep clean.

In fact, the compact ceiling unit is perfect for smaller spaces, shared rooms and ambidextrous use. The ceiling unit can be mounted on all kinds of ceilings (concrete, bricks etc.) and installed in the same amount of time as a regular unit. The air and water systems are easily installed using the Finndentwater bottle system. A ceiling unit is a product of careful engineering and craftsmanship, that allows you to elevate your clinic space to a new level.


Good things come from above. The 8000P1 is a ceiling mounted dental unit that frees floor space for improved working ergonomics and optimised clinic workflow. This unique Finndent innovation provides freedom of clinic design for shared workspaces – the symmetry of the 8000P1 is ideal for right- and left-handed as well as ambidextrous installations on any ceiling type. A suction arm system can be mounted in the cabinet or on the back of the patient chair for left or right-side use. The Finndent 8000P1 is available with both + model instrument bridge with 6 instrument places and a single display as well as the + model bridge with 5 instrument places and a double display. Maximum functionality in the minimum of space.


FD8000P2 is the ambidextrous version of the ceiling unit, mounted in front and above the patient chair with a longer arm that allows dental professionals to operate it effortlessly from both left and right. The Finndent 8000P2 is available with both + -model instrument bridge with 6 instrument places and a single display as well as the X- model bridge with 5 instrument places and a double display.

+ instrument bridge model with 6 instrument places and a single display

X instrument bridge model with 5 instruments and a double display

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