Ceiling units

8000P dental ceiling units are always a perfect fit and is ideal for shared treatment rooms. This unit can be positioned for left, right or ambidextrous dentistry and has optional chair or cabinet mounted suction.

The 8000P can be mounted in any ceiling height or style and is easy to retrofit. Accessories can be mounted directly to the ceiling column for convenience. The instrument tubing is run through low-friction dorio whip arms. There may be one or two control panels on the side of the instrument bridge to control the instruments and the chair.

The dental light and optional monitor arm are connected to an adapter on the vertical arm in FD-8000P1 model. A bottle for water line disinfection is also attached to this adapter. A cuspidor is available with the patient chair mounted model. Suction system is available as a chair mounted suction arm or cabin installed suction system.

8000P1 is installed on the ceiling following the needs, to the right or left of the chair and it allows to operate in a small size room.

8000P2 is installed above the chair and it has a longer arm to allow to operate from both right and left sides. It´s perfect for shared rooms.

8000P1+ and 8000P2+ are units for dentists who demand a little extra! Units are available with up to 6 instruments.

8000P1x  and 8000P2x units have a second display located on the assistant side. The 2 displays have the same functionalities and options.  8000x can be equipped with up to 5 instruments.

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FD-8000P1 / P1+
FD-8000P2 / P2+

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