Rethinking Dental,
The Story of Finndent

Finndent is a Finnish company that has been creating innovative dental solutions for more than four decades. We develop, design, and assemble high quality dental units for a variety of customers ranging from private dentists to dental clinic chains, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Made in Finland

Sustainable development is a crucial part of our company’s values and with the direction we are taking, we want to set an example for others to follow. Not only is our goal to be a fully carbon neutral company by 2025, but our mission is to provide locally produced, unique and ethical products that are made to last the entire career of a dental professional. 

All our dental units are manufactured and assembled by hand in Finland, with all the components and other accessory items sourced from reliable supply chain partners. Keeping our production local allows us to track and have a clear overview of the origin of our products. A transparent production chain is crucial to ensure that local environmental standards and regulations have been followed. Finndent wants to carry its social and ecological responsibility as a company by producing its units in the most ethical way possible. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with dental units that last the entire career of a dental professional. Every unit that we make is unique, with a fully customizable feature set, so that no customer of ours must compromise on their needs. Finndent is taking a step towards a circular economy-based technical cycle: we want our products to be repairable, reusable and recyclable.  

Nordic Design Ideology

Nordic design is centered around functionality, resulting in beautiful, clean shapes, minimalistic silhouettes, and the use of long-lasting, quality materials. Nordic design ideology produces objects that are wellmade, authentic, and timeless by nature. We at Finndent focus on giving our customers the freedom to select the specific features of their dental unit and providing them with a carefully designed and crafted solution instead of a mass-produced object. For us it is important to translate our values through our design. Finndent’s dental units are for conscientious dental professionals who want to invest in the future. 

Finndent Timeline


FD-3500 1st generation dental chair is launched.
Finndent produces mainly dental chairs, 85% of which are for the export market to Scandinavia and the Netherlands.
Oriola Oy purchases most of the capital stock of Finndent. 



FD-6000 1st generation dental unit is launched.
FD-4000 2nd generation fully automated dental chair is launched, and 35 of these high-end dental products are delivered to the ACTA Amsterdam Dental School. 



FD-5000 3rd generation dental chair with a microchip processor changes the development of dental chairs.
Export to East Germany starts to increase. 



FD-7000 3rd generation dental unit is launched.
Business in dental market slightly decreases due to the 90s recession. 



FD-8000 4th generation dental unit is launched.
Oriola Oy sells Finndent to the current management. 



The first Finndent ceiling unit is installed in Finland. The innovative concept is born. 



Q product development starts under the codename FD-9000.
Genera Oy takes over Finndent, leading years later to the foundation of the Genera Management group. 



FD-8000+ modernizes the dental unit product line with fresh concepts and new technologies. 



FD Phantom 2nd generation simulation unit is developed and 198 of them are delivered to ACTA’s Skills Lab in Amsterdam. 



Q2 and Q8 5th generation dental units are launched. The new product family is designed to be modular and updatable, meeting the standards of sustainable future.