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Finndent Dental Units
Finndent Dental Units
Finndent Dental Units
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Human to human

Finndent design starts from customer´s point of view. We have worked with dental professionals to make the customer experience easier in every way – more relaxing and comforting.

Freedom of choice

We are listening to our customers

Finndent gives dentists the opportunity to choose what makes them happy. We have a holistic approach to dental business.

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Finndent Dental Units
Rethinking dental

We are inspired by dentists who lead by example

Enjoy and be proud of what you do and let us know what this requires. The most functional and beautiful clinics are designed and built together with you. It is our first priority to listen to your wishes and make your dreams come true.

Precise and safe

For the best
clinical treatment

Dental professionals have their own style in their clinics, but all of them agree that the patient always comes first.  Finndent dental units are made to face dentists and their patients needs. We have customizable, high quality and safe products.  

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Social Responsibility


Sustainable development is an important part of our company’s values. The dental units are assembled by hand in Finland and we have committed to provide climate neutral solutions long into the future. Our technology is long lasting and offers updating options to offer longer lasting dental solutions on your clinic.

History of Finndent

The Early Years

The Finndent brand name has been associated with dental chairs since the 1970´s.  Finndent produced approximately 800 dental chairs in 1980, 85% of which were for the export market. These patient chairs were mainly exported to Scandinavia and Holland.

Oriola Oy purchased the majority of capital stock in Finndent on the 30th of September 1980. The fully automatic patient chair, FD-4000, was the ultimate development in medical device design in 1981. In the same year, 35 of these high-end dental products were delivered to the ACTA Amsterdam Dental School.

Despite the recession in the dental business, Finndent exported 50 dental chairs to the University of Cairo in 1982. Manufacturing of dental units started in 1982. During the 1990´s brand Soredex developed and manufactured mainly dental and mammography x-ray machines and Finndent dental chairs and units.

A new patient chair with a microchip processor, the FD-5000, changed the development of dental chairs in 1989. The same year, export to East Germany started to increase. FD-3600 was launched 1991 and Quint 7000 1994. Business in dental market slightly decreased due to recession.

FD-7000 dental unit was manufactured until 2015. FD-8000 unit model was launched at the beginning of the 2001 .

Oriola Oy sold the Soredex part of its business to Instrumentarium Oyj 2001.  Genera Oy took over Finndent 2010.

Finndent Archives &   Orion Corporation Year Books – Orion Oyj Archives

“We don’t spend money on marketing to make you believe… we spend money on research to understand your needs.”

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