Unique and durable dental solutions

We at Finndent want every dental professional to have the freedom of designing their own ideal dental unit. Therefore, we offer unique solutions that are modular, repairable and adaptable, and that enable numerous tailor-made feature combinations. 

Designed and made in the Nordics

All our dental units are manufactured and assembled by hand in the Nordics, with all components and accessory items sourced from reliable supply chain partners. Keeping our production local allows us to have a clear overview of the origin of our products and is crucial to ensure that local environmental standards have been met.  

Nordic design is centered around functionality, resulting in beautiful clean chapes, minimalistic silhouettes and the use of long-lasting, quality materials. We at Finndent focus on providing carefully designed and crafted solutions. 


With more than four decades of experience in dental unit manufacturing, Finndent’s units are built to meet the ergonomic needs of dental professionals. Ambidextrous use, minimized strain and ideal working position have all been key focus points in product development.  

Besides dental professionals, a pleasant patient experience has been our goal when designing the dental chair. Easy access, ergonomic positioning, and effortless adjustment have made the Finndent dental chairs known for their reliability and comfort. 


Rethinking Dental means expanding the services we provide for our customers beyond just selling them a new unit. For us, a dental unit is a professional instrument designed to be durable and repairable. Uninterrupted dental unit operation is one of the key cornerstones of every successful dental clinic. With regular maintenance by our service partners, the life span of a Finndent dental unit has been demonstrated to be up to 20 years.  

Finndent products are installed, commissioned and maintained only by our trained and certified service partners. Our network of service partners extends all over Europe. The ongoing dialogue we have with our service partners has enabled us to design our products to be easy and fast to maintain. 

Please, contact your local service partner here.

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