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Finndent dental solutions are engineered with attention to ergonomics and efficient patient care

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The Finndent dental solutions and units are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Finndent design starts from customer´s point of view. We have worked with dental professionals to make the customer experience easier in every way – more relaxing and comforting.

Dental professionals have their own style in their clinics, but all of them agree that the patient always comes first. Innovative design makes dental treatment more relaxing and comfortable – and the working day of the dental professional easier. Finndent dental units allow dental staff to work either two- or four-handed in order to help with their ergonomics.  Easy to use and accurate positioning of the chair provides the best clinical treatment.

Patient experience is our focus! The patient has easy access to the patient chair for entry and exit. The chair provides relaxed positioning for discussion before and after dental treatment. Multimedia features on the unit enable patients to have an interactive relation with the dental personnel, and to participate in the best way in their own clinical treatment.


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The leading principle of Finndent solution creation has always been to design robust and high-quality products to minimize the number of service breaks needed. Uninterrupted operation of dental units is the key cornerstone for every successful dental clinic. With regular maintenance by our worldwide service partners, the life span of the Finndent products has been demonstrated to be up to 20 years.

Finndent products are installed, commissioned and maintained only by our trained and certified service partners. Our service partners are local, close to the customers and know the products inside-out. The constant dialogue we have with the front-line service people has been a key factor to design products that are easy and fast to maintain.

We guarantee the availability of product support and spare parts for ten years after the manufacturing of a certain product has been stopped. Finndent’s manufacturing, final inspection, marketing and sales operations are ISO 13485 quality assured.

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