Data Protection

Effective date: May 25, 2018

Finndent Oy is a part of Genera Management Group and is committed to ensure the safety of any personal data that is stored on its databases and is always respecting the present legislation and acts regarding personal data safety. The company is manufacturing and marketing dental equipment and devices. All personal data is mainly used to provide these functions and to serve its customers better.

Collected information contains name, email and phone number as well as possibly company information that the person is representing. This information contains visiting address and billing information, depending on the country VAT or company number as well as country depending agreement related information.

The information is mainly used to answer tender requests or other product or service related information either by Finndent Oy or one of its representatives in the country the person is located. With the personal information the company is able to deliver offers or the answer to the person.

The data is stored as long it is necessary for the company operations. Any data related to agreements information is stored for the entire agreement period. Warranty related information is stored for the entire warranty period and for approximately one year after the warranty has expired. Offer related personal information, that has not lead to an agreement nor has the person showed any additional interest towards the company, will be removed from the company’s data base within approximately one years’ time. All saved data will be permanently removed after the backup cycle is through – approximately one month after it has been removed from the system.

Data protection in the company will be maintained on a high level. No saved data should be able to be exploit by any unauthorized party. In case this would somehow happen, we will inform all involved parties immediately.

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