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28.03.2022, Helsinki, Finland

The Finndent growth journey continues

Finndent announced today that Kalle Pessala has been appointed as the new CEO of the company and has resumed responsibilities on 01.02.2022.

Pessala will take over from Hans Ahlström, who served as the CEO of Finndent Oy for four years. Ahlström continues as a senior advisor in the Genera Group.

Kalle Pessala has been part of the Finndent team for five years and played a key role as Sales Director. His strong international background and emphasis on partner and client experience have helped Finndent to achieve significant growth both in Finland and the rest of Europe.

“Kalle Pessala is a great fit to lead and develop Finndent,” said Hans Ahlström. “Our growth is accelerating as we are launching a new innovative product family.”

“Kalle continues to work together with our entire team as well as our excellent distribution partners to provide Finndent’s high quality dental solutions,” said Timo Rantanen, the Chairman of the Board of the Genera Group. “The impacts of his work will without question be positive.”

On the same date further developments in Finndent’s team were also announced:

Ville Kivelä will take on as the Technology Director of Finndent and will oversee the technical solutions and technical service operations of the company. Vincenzo Bordino will take on as the Sales Manager and Customer Success Lead for Southern Europe and Erik Puusta will take on as the Sales Manager for the Nordics.

For more information:

Media Contact:
Saga Rantanen
+358 400475666 

Chairman of the Board:
Timo Rantanen
+358 405027797

Kalle Pessala
+358 405811395