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Built to order 

Finndent dental units are extremely adaptable. We offer various modular configurations, so that every customer of ours is free to select their preferred features. Ceiling or floor installation, number of tools, placement of suction arm, placement of cuspidor and color and softness of upholstery are all in our list of options to choose from. Thereby every unit is built to order according to a dental professional’s specific needs. 

Designed in Finland 

Nordic design is centered around functionality, resulting in beautiful, clean shapes, minimalistic silhouettes, and the use of long-lasting, quality materials. Nordic design ideology produces objects that are well-made, authentic, and timeless by nature. To translate our values through design, we have chosen to build our units from metal.  

Made in the Nordics 

Finndent is proud to have a local and transparent supply chain: keeping our production local allows us to track and have a clear overview of the origin of our products. A transparent production chain is crucial to ensure that local environmental standards and regulations have been followed. Almost every item for our units is manufactured in less than 300km away from our headquarters in Helsinki. 

Assembled by hand 

All our dental units are assembled by hand in Finland to ensure the highest possible quality.


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