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Finndent decided on science based sustainable development goals. An important green keystone for the dental industry.  The company aims to become fully carbon neutral by 2025. To achieve this goal, Finndent starts by launching a new Q product family, which is manufactured with full metal parts, enabling upcycling for the next 25 years. The dental unit can be updated with the newest technology years after installation and the units can be upcycled to more features. The new revolutionary technology implemented in the new product family enables the unit to last a dentist’s whole career.

” Sustainable development is an important part of our company’s values and with the direction we are taking, we want to set an example for others to follow. The goal is to be fully carbon neutral by 2025. Goals are of course set up to be surpassed. We aim to do it faster.” says Hans Ahlström, the company CEO.

The company is committed to take actions to fight climate change by converting to 100% renewable energy over the coming years and is and has been already since years working towards more efficient use of resources. The new product line is the first in the world to be carbon neutral. In addition, Finndent is willing to support different environmental projects to help with this important cause. A pilot with a part of the current FD-8000 dental unit line, will start immediately – thus forerunner and conscientious dental professionals can already choose to invest in a green dental unit.

About Finndent:

Finndent Oy is a Finnish company that develops, designs and assembles high quality, full metal dental units for dental clinics, hospitals and educational institutions. The products are assembled and manufactured in Finland with all components and other accessory items sourced from high-quality supply chain partners. The company office is situated in Helsinki with good connections to the whole Helsinki metropolitan area.