Finndent releases recyclable Q-family dental equipment. They are fully metal. Apparently, the Q units are environmentally friendly.

Q family consists of 3 products:

  • Q2 -basic model, also used for orthodontics;

  • Q5 – upgraded model;

  • Q8 – premium model.

Uniquely, the units can be floor-, ceiling-, and cart-based.

Why  to choose Q?

  1. Works up to 30 years (double average age);
  2. Upgraded instead of being replaced in a few years;
  3. Material resists corrosion, so the unit does not become yellow;
  4. Recycled after exploitation;
  5. Ambidextrous;
  6. Make your Q design in our free App (Find the link below).


You can design unit in our App:

For iPhone:

For Android: