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FINNDENT, a Finnish dental unit manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Swiss brushless micromotor manufacturer Dassym, which will provide Finndent hose couplings and micromotors with own FD brand.

About Dassym SA

Dassym is located in Switzerland on the watch valley where the primary location of the Swiss medical, dental and watch-making industry is located. This area has a concentration of high technology with a requirement of the art both in processing and in the precision of the products.

Dassym SA was founded on year 2004 by passionate engineers, manufacturing and developing brushless micromotors and their electronics control and software. Dassym is offering customers full range of dental treatment solutions – micromotors for endodontics, implantology, surgery and podiatry.

The core of development for every new Dassym product is precision, reliability, innovation and excellence.

About Finndent

FINNDENT develops and manufactures high performance dental solutions. Finndent dental units are engineered with attention to ergonomics and efficient patient care. Finndent offers versatile solutions to meet every dental clinic needs. FINNDENT has been designing and manufacturing high quality dental solutions in Finland for decades.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Timo Rantanen, Finndent Senior Partner tel. +358 40 502 7797

Mr. Gustavo Wiederkehr, Dassym SA, Sales and Marketing Director
tel. +41 76 434 09 10