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The 5th floor Skills Lab renewal project by ACTA and InHolland was inaugurated on September 11th 2017.

ACTA is a collaborative venture involving the Faculties of Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. ACTA conducts scientific research, provides educational programmes, and delivers patient care in the field of dentistry. In international circles, ACTA ranks among the leaders in teaching and research.

Besides training students to be dentists, ACTA provides postgraduate courses for dentists. ACTA has a workforce of approximately 950, and also approximately 950 students are enrolled in its Dentistry programme.

Every day ACTA is delivering dental care to approximately 300 patients. ACTA is located in Amsterdam on the VU campus in the Zuidas area.

11th of September 2017 a renewed learning clinic for dental students opened its doors by Dean of ACTA Dr. Albert Feilzer and by Jacqueline van Rennes-Vrancken from InHolland. This simulation clinic, known as Skillslab, is one of the facilities in ACTA where dental students can learn how to treat the patients. Skillslab is offering now a “state of art” facilities with Finndent dental simulation units for students.

ACTA Dental School is offering a virtual environment “Simodont Dental Trainer” where students can prepare themselves for the real treatment situation. Phantom heads are offering a unique learning experience where students can learn in a safe way to use dental equipment and instruments.

Congratulations to ACTA, InHolland and All Dent!


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