Saddle seat chairs

Correct ergonomics for all day support.

FINNDENT saddle stools come with a reclining seat that encourages correct, upright posture. Our two gas spring height ranges mean that dental staff of any height can access the patient comfortably all day long. The optional foot rests are also height adjustable.  Available in any of the FINNDENT upholstery colours.

Saddle stool models available include:

Seat height range of 520-720mm for people up to 1.8m tall (FD-225)
Seat height range of 580-840mm for people over 1.8m tall (FD-230)
Seat height range of  of 520-720mm with foot rest (FD-245)
Seat height range of  of 580-840mm with foot rest (FD-250) Saddle seat chair