The FINNDENT 8000 series is a high performance, beautifully designed dental unit that’s built to last.

With its intuitive control panel and versatile installation options, the 8000 series is guaranteed to provide a comfortable working space for both dentists and assisting staff. Our best-selling ceiling mounted model keeps floor space free and increases mobility during treatments while the easy to clean surfaces make maintenance efficient and hygiene guarantees.

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View the 8000 Series Brochure (photos and summary only)

8000 PURE. The pure and simple choice.

The 8000 PURE is FINNDENT’s introductory unit that features an economical cuspidor and suction arm package. The PURE package includes the FD-3600 patient chair, hands-free foot controls, instrument cleaning insert, accessory post and a standard instrument tray. The PURE is available in whip arm or hanging hose models, and offers a variety of options suitable for all styles of dentistry.

8000B. The classic floor mounted unit.

8000 Series Side VIewKnown for its compact base and ability to fit any treatment room, the 8000B floor unit is a favourite among dentists who prefer to customize all systems. Several styles of suction system, cuspidor and amalgam separator are available, in addition to more control panel options and assistant side features.

8000P. The versatile ceiling mounted unit.

Whether floor space is tight or the treatment room has specific installation requirements, the 8000P ceiling mounted unit is always the perfect fit. With optional right and left side control panels, chair or cabinet mounted suction and an easy to move instrument arm, the 8000P is easily accessed from all sides.

Ergonomics and flexibility

8000 Series Top ViewThe 8000 treatment unit is designed with ergonomics in mind and allows dentists and assistants a comfortable work day. Customize your instrument tray and suction arm locations to fit your work habits for optimal treatment work flow. Intuitive ergonomics and controls for ambidextrous work environments make the 8000 series a flexible choice.


8000 Series Access DoorMaintenance activities are made easier by the large, sliding door of the unit body that provides full access to the connections and systems within. All FINNDENT units and chairs are designed to make regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing of all parts convenient. The 8000 series hygiene features guarantee uncompromising patient and user safety.

Durability and usability

8000 Series Side VIewAll units are made from corrosion resistant aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated sheet steel and the unit will remain looking like new for a long time. The smooth bearings allow for fine motion control and manoeuvrability with one hand. A pneumatic brake locks the bridge firmly in the desired position throughout instrument use and is built to carry the added weight of tools.