FD-5000 Patient Chair

The best-selling chair, known for being reliable and long-lasting.

Discover why so many people choose this beautifully designed patient chair. The FINNDENT 5000 patient chair. is built with a corrosion resistant cast aluminium backrest and seat frame. The dentist and assistant side foot switches with automatic and manual functions are within comfortable reach. The swivel seat makes seating patients easy. Armrest options include fixed armrests, folding armrests or no armrests. If no armrests are chosen, the back rest may be widened. Suction may be mounted to the back of the chair (optional).

Available in any of the FINNDENT upholstery colours to suit your treatment room aesthetic.

FD5000 Patient Chair

For more information and technical specifications, please see the Technical Specifications PDF on the main Patient Chair page.