Case Study 1: All-In-One

“That’s a monster dental unit!”

Finndent is a specialist in flexible unit design and solving problems with innovative dental equipment.

Our products are designed and manufactured at our Finnish headquarters, which gives us fast lead times and total control over special projects like this one.

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The challenge

Our client was faced with a design challenge: a student dental clinic with an open layout and no wall space for mounting accessories on walls.

Each dental treatment room would need a complete set of modern treatment equipment:

X-ray, microscope, dental light, monitor, cuspidor, high-low suction handpieces, double wide tray, 5 instruments on a dental cart, and a programmable patient chair with seat rotation.

Ideally the unit should comfortable with one dentist only, or a dentist and dental technician. Accessories must not interfere with seating patients.

Proposed solution

The FD-5000 patient chair comes with standard seat rotation and 3 programs including last-position memory. A dock in the base allows the foot control to be moved out of the way when dentists are working face-to-face. The chair has moving arm rests that allow patients to exit from either side – perfect for an ambidextrous treatment room.

jChairOnlyFD-8000D dental carts are height adjustable and come with the required 5 instruments on hanging hoses and a control panel. The cart is light weight to move with one hand and has a firm brake to keep it steady during treatment.


Standard FD-8000B floor mounted units are not well suited to microscope use, especially when used with so many other rotating accessories.

“That’s a Monster dental unit”

FD8000BD2_2_lrgThis custom FD-8000B+ was internally stabilised to remove vibration that would interfere with the Zeiss OPMI pico microscope. A second column was added to provide more room for the X-Mind DC x-ray. The low mounting position allows the x-ray to reach both sides of the patient and tricky lower jaw locations.

FD8000BD2_3_lrgAnother design success is the range of motion possible. The Zeiss pico microscope, Faro Ayla dental light and 22″ Neovo monitor can be rotated full away from the patient chair. With the accessories positioned on the back and front of the unit, the patient has completely clear headroom when being seated.

Although this unit is affectionately called a Monster, you can see it’s really a compact all-in-one solution!

How to request a custom solution

Finndent is able to provide affordable custom solutions. Our portfolio includes design solutions for clinic challenges like: high or low ceilings; shared ambidextrous work-spaces; small treatment rooms; 2- or 4- handed dentistry; extra instruments and control panels; custom accessories such as film viewers and more.

If you have a design challenge, please contact your local Finndent Dealer for a consultation.