8000+ Premium Edition

The 8000+ Premium Edition offers affordable luxury.
Designed and manufactured in Finland.

A new series for dentists who demand a little extra. Units are available with up to 6 instruments, a rotating cuspidor and extra cleaning functions. The 8000+ edition is available in floor or ceiling mounted versions and with whip arms or hanging hoses.

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View the 8000+ Premium Edition brochure (PDF).

Hygiene+ disinfection

FD-8000 PLUS Instrument Bridge The new suction disinfection system mixes the cleaning solution to a user-selected strength and the cleaning cycles include a quick clean between patients and an intensive disinfection for the end of the day. Instrument cleaning is now integrated in to the instrument bridge and helps keep maintenance between patients more efficient.

Ergonimics+ cuspidor

An elegant glass cuspidor with optional rotation makes patient comfort a priority. Dentists and technicians will appreciate the wide cuspidor door and easy access filters, valves and cleaning solution bottles. All Finndent suction arms and suction holders may be mounted to the cuspidor.

Electronics+ controls

The 3+ suction holder allows the assistant more control over patient positioning, cuspidor functions and suction disinfection. High and low suctions handpieces and a syringe may be mounted on the 3+ suction holder. The new control panel design is a high contrast theme to help users quickly navigate the options.

Options+ accessories

Exclusive to the Premium+ Edition is the ability to mount a 22″ Neovo LCD monitor, Satelec X-Mind Unity x-ray, Faro Ayla dental light and the Zeiss OPMI pico microscope on one compact unit. The reinforced unit and isolated microscope post provide the perfect stability needed for microscope use and require no extra floor space.

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